Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Danny Luvisi

   Danny Luvisi:

      Bringing a new style to the digital art scene by skipping the classic view of photoshop digital painting of simply transferring basics of traditional painting but through photoshop He created his own way of using the tools given and created unbelievable works of art. Danny Luvisi is an icon amongst deviant users or just people in the comic book scene. He started out as just being talented fan boy making fan photos of his favorite comic book or video game characters. That gave him a lot of ground and many were with him following all of his blogs and social network site from then. After he had his small crowd he started to finally get work for his art by some big names like DC comics and some freelancing projects for larger and larger companies. Danny would create these characters on his free time and always talked of his great comic ideas. One day he Heavy Metal came to him and give him the funds he always wished for to start his comic series. When he published his first book (that isn't really a story but just art work) he got recognition amongst film makers. He was offered a film by many and finally decided to stick with paramount, not only securing his comic series but creating an entire franchise before the first of the series was released.

  Now the reason people like to be apart of this whole Luvisi scene is for the simple reason that for many such as the writer of this blog have been following his art career since he had minimum wage job just drawing for his passion rather than work. Danny knows all of this and is extremely interactive and helping to all of his fans whether it be creating a tutorial or actually setting up talks to answer any questions. Danny Luvisi is one of the few stars of the digital scene before his career has even started.

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  1. That is an awesome photo. You've got me interested in learning more about Danny and what he has done. Thanks for sharing.